Dining at Dekoven

Can one week a year change

Which meals are included?  

Starting Sunday night dinner, Dekoven will offer nourishing Breakfasts, Lunches and Dinners through Friday evening.  They also supply delicious snacks (some healthy, some special treats) at our afternoon cafe rendezvous.

Dekoven is far from 'camp food'. They offer options for vegetarians and gluten free at every meal.  A fresh salad is available at every lunch and dinner.  The menus are simple but delicious.  We've fine tuned the meals served all week to be the best possible menu for our campers.  Some of our campers needed to leave early last summer but stayed a little longer to enjoy one extra meal.

  Extra special diet needs?

If you require special supplimental items due to an unusual diet need, there are refridgerators canveniently available for campers to use on three different floors.  Bring what extras you need to stay healthy and happy.

      Sweet things  

Dekoven offers wonderful baked goods, both desserts and their famous granola and always offers a gluten free dessert option.  Gluten tolerant campers will want to try the famous local pastry, the Kringle if it makes an appearance (and it usually does) at breakfast during the week.  


Tea and coffee are available at all times. Juice is offered every morning.  Dekoven has other beverages for sale in the Park Room downstairs.

   Take time to enjoy

Meals at camp are a great chance to relax and enjoy good food and good conversation.  Dekoven's Taylor Dining Hall has a lovely relaxed setting where we get a chance to sit and thoroughly enjoy our meals together.