S.A.U.G Morning Groups

**Stay tuned for July 2021 info**


Note: These are from 2019 and are just examples of some of the groups that may be offeredActual groups will be added soon.

These are small groups (generally 5 to 10 campers per group). Each camper will choose a group to be in for the entire week and meet with your group every morning.

The Joys of Giving and Receiving: An experiential week (just an example from a previous year)


Life is a co-creative dance in which we play both roles, that of giver and that of receiver; as humans we don't always easily flow between those roles, and we're often better at one than the other. Maryellen and Kari are teaming up for a holistic approach to this topic.

Maryellen will facilitate the group in exploring the presence of giving and receiving in life, in general and in our own lives.  We'll utilize experiences from our morning group and our camp week to broaden our awareness of giving and receiving, to consider our responses, and to ponder possibilities for more joy.

 Kari will offer physical activities that can be integrated with the topic, to help raise awareness of where we are, and to encourage a better balance of giving and receiving. Yoga centering and stretching, posture for physical health and balance, an on-your-own aerobic jaunt around campus, a group-led camino around campus, clothed seated back-rubs, self-massage, and exercising with bands are all possibilities.  (Group members will always have choices about their level of participation in any activity.)

A typical morning in this group includes a 'popcorn' check-in and planned agenda...

Here's a sample morning:

  • 10 minutes: Yoga centering and stretching.
  • 20-30 minutes: check-in.
  • 20 minutes Maryellen topic, part 1.
  • 15 - 20 minutes self-massage, caring for my precious self.
  • 15 minutes break.
  • 20 minutes Maryellen topic, part 2.
  • 15 minutes: check-out.
Mosaic Stained Glass

Sharing Who We Are  (an example of a group from previous year)

Whether you are a new or a seasoned camper, this group will provide opportunities to get to know one another on a personal level. After check-in and meditation, we will use some small group activities designed to help us share who we are -- our experiences, insights, wisdom, and to help us build meaningful relationships with other members of the group. Expect some fun & laughter to be woven throughout our morning group experience!


(Note: There will be activities that are different from previous camp groups. If any are the same, [back by popular demand] the results can be very different when there are different people in the group!)

Kindness Rocks - Lynne Fairchild  (sample group)

Kindness rocks is a movement to spread joy and gratitude using painted rocks left out for people to find. These can contain images or messages of hope, joy and encouragement. No artistic skill is needed (often this project is done by children) and all supplies are included.

Draw Your Week at Camp - Harold Goldfus   (Sample group)

Spend the week as an artist, drawing the places, people and events at camp and take home a lovely personal portfolio of memories. This group is very friendly to all that aspire to try drawing (no matter what your middle school art teacher told you, you can draw). 

The Spiritual Aspect of the Aging Process  - (just a sample of a type of group we sometimes have)

Discussion group exploring the ideas of aging and how that affects and impacts our spirituality.

A typical morning in this group may include:

  • check-in
  • facilitation of group members' desires/needs for each morning, helping w/ consensus. There's no pre-conceived agenda/exercises/assignments.
  • check-out

Mosaic stained glass plus  - (a commonly offered group)

Make a stained glass panel that lets light thru, a framed mirror, or a 3 dimensional piece. We will learn basic techniques of cutting and breaking glass, and some ideas of design. No Soldering, no lead!

This way of working with stained glass leaves more room for improvising and creativity than traditional leaded glass. Don will provide glass and tools to use, bring your ideas and Don will bring choices for art work.

For this group: You can bring your own designs, and even work in a different size or in 3-D, if you O.K. it with Don first. Beyond the basics, it’s possible to do 3 dimensional projects, like candle holders or lamp shades, or flat panels of different shapes on wood; if you bring your own base piece in the shape you want. If you are planning on doing your own design or a 3-D piece or incorporating non-glass elements, please send your ideas to Don at donspencer43@gmail.com before camp so he can advise on suitability. If you are looking for project ideas or to learn more about mosaic work, Don recommends The Mosaic Artist's Bible by Teresa Mills and available from Amazon. (Note: group assignments are announced in early August.)

Fees: There is a $20 material cost, payable to Don. 

A typical morning in this group may include:

  • check-in
  • teaching if needed
  • work on individual projects
Mosaic Stained Glass

Want to know more about the group leaders this year? Read about them here!


Draw Your Week at Camp - Harold Goldfus

~~ I am a veteran camper and have lead drawing groups at camp for over ten years. I try to draw daily. I am a member of Urban Sketchers Chicago.


Kindness Rocks - Lynne Fairchild

~~ I have been a group leader at Amuuse and Saug-for-All since 1997, and I lead groups professionally. I am trained and certified as a professional life coach, and I am an artist.


The Spiritual Aspect of the Aging Process - Carol Hughes

~~ I was a regular personal growth group leader at both AMUUSE and Saug-for-All camps for many years, as well as facilitating therapy groups in my private practice as a clinical counselor for 22 years until I retired at the end of 2016.


Making Mosaic Stained Glass Plus - Don Spencer

~~ I have 20 plus years of working in mosaic stained glass and 50 years teaching.


The Joys of Giving and Receiving: An experiential week

Maryellen Doherty

~~ I have a masters in Holistic Counseling; have led various personal growth workshops at camp and beyond; in my 6th year of leading a semi-monthly group for empowering and connecting women over 50; passionate about personal and spiritual growth and enjoying life.


Kari Gunderson

~~ My qualifications for co-teaching this group are 

  • Being a huge fan of Maryellen and her groups.

  • One to three decades ago, working as a myofascial massage therapist and teaching muscle pain management classes, getting certified as a yoga teacher and an ACSM fitness instructor after a two-year degree in exercise science.

  • A dedication to physical health, my own and others’, and to the joy of giving and receiving in our SAUG community.