S.A.U.G Morning Groups



These are small groups (generally 5 to 10 campers per group). Each camper will choose a group to be in for the entire week and meet with your group every morning.

Well Played (the games group) - Heather Monson


Ready for some friendly competition?
Take time for laughter, mental challenges and social bonding. We will learn new board games, new card games, revisit old favorites and may also enjoy some lawn games on nice days.

An assortment of games will be available, with instruction provided. Games will be easy to moderate difficulty to learn and have a variety of themes and mechanics. Both competitive and cooperative games will be included. Outdoor games will be classics like croquet, bocce, horseshoes, etc.

A typical morning includes:

  • A check in
  • Selection of game(s). Depending on the size of the group, we may play multiple simultaneous games.
    Instruction and game play.

Feel free to bring a favorite game to share with the group.
Bring reading glasses and/or magnifying glass/ap to read small print, etc.

You do not have to be good! (Or, do you?!) - Carol and Robert Hughes


This will be a group that explores individuals' concepts of what it is to "be good" and "not to be good".   

A typical morning in this group may include:

  • A time limited check-in, then determining which members need processing time after check-in. Members give support to one another and offer suggestions only if someone requests those.
  • Discussion of emotional issues are welcomed, as well as having fun with one another.
  • Facilitation of group members' desires/needs for each morning, helping w/ consensus. There's no pre-conceived agenda/exercises/assignments.

Mosaic stained glass plus  - Don Spencer


Make a stained glass panel that lets light thru, a framed mirror, or a 3 dimensional piece. We will learn basic techniques of cutting and breaking glass, and some ideas of design. No Soldering, no lead!

This way of working with stained glass leaves more room for improvising and creativity than traditional leaded glass. Don will provide glass and tools to use, bring your ideas and Don will bring choices for art work.

For this group: You can bring your own designs, and even work in a different size or in 3-D, if you O.K. it with Don first. Beyond the basics, it’s possible to do 3 dimensional projects, like candle holders or lamp shades, or flat panels of different shapes on wood; if you bring your own base piece in the shape you want. If you are planning on doing your own design or a 3-D piece or incorporating non-glass elements, please send your ideas to Don at donspencer43@gmail.com before camp so he can advise on suitability. If you are looking for project ideas or to learn more about mosaic work, Don recommends The Mosaic Artist's Bible by Teresa Mills and available from Amazon.


A typical morning in this group may include:

  • check-in
  • teaching if needed
  • work on individual projects


Fees: There is a $20 material cost, payable to Don. 

Out Going group - Mark Monson


This laid back group will get you out and about, exploring the local area together with friends. Outdoor activities will be our focus (with indoor options for rainy days).

Potential adventures include park visits, sculpture walk, kayaking, lighthouses, disc golf, museums, farmers market, mini-golf, yoga, beaches, coffee shops, and more.

A typical morning:

  • Select the days activity
  • A check in (may be before or after travel)
  • Carpool to/from activity

Note: some places have entrance fees or items to purchase (coffee, gelato, etc.). Bring money to cover your own expenses.

Want to know more about the group leaders this year? Read about them here!

You do not have to be good! (Or, do you?!)  - Robert Hughes

~~ I was a regular group leader at Saug-for-All camps for many years.


You do not have to be good! (Or, do you?!)  - Carol Hughes

~~ I was a regular personal growth group leader at both AMUUSE and Saug-for-All camps for many years, as well as facilitating therapy groups in my private practice as a clinical counselor for 22 years until I retired at the end of 2016.


Out Going - Mark Monson

~~ I have led several groups at camp and enjoys exploring new places. I'm looking forward to spending time outdoors with friends am up for anything.


Making Mosaic Stained Glass Plus - Don Spencer

~~ I have 20 plus years of working in mosaic stained glass and 50 years teaching.


Well Played - Heather Monson

~~ I love playing games and learning new games. I am especially interested in board and card games. I also look forward to being beaten at many outdoor lawn games, enjoying the beautiful grounds at Dekoven as well.