What to bring to camp


Dekoven supplies linens including towels, pillows with covers, sheets, blankets and duvets.

  • Mug to use for coffee.  Dekoven has mugs, but not enough for us to carry them off and leave in our rooms for days, etc.  If you like to carry coffee or tea, and don’t want to use disposable, bring a mug.
  • Clothes for hot days and cool nights.
  • toiletries including towels, soap, shampoo, bug spray, sun screen, hair dryer
  • Large top linens – if you have a double-able room and will be pushing two beds together you’ll probably need a few extra bedding items.  Ask Heather if you are interested in this option so she can choose a big enough room.
  • Most rooms have some kind of curtain or shutters.  However some cover only half the window or won’t work if you like your windows open.  If you like complete darkness it might be necessary to bring a piece of cloth to use on part of the windows.  They do have towels and blankets available in a pinch.    
  • One dressier outfit for Friday night.

The following are some suggested items you could bring, which might enhance your week.

  • swim suit
  • electric fan  (not only to cool your room, but to  provide “white noise” for sleeping)
  • Snacks for parties and special diet supplements.  There are several fridges and microwaves available for our use in Taylor hall.
  • guitar, drum, violin, shakers, etc.
  • games, cards
  • camera
  • dancing shoes, hiking boots, tennis racket
  • bicycle – There’s a bike trail along the lake so a bike will come in handy.
  • warm jacket, umbrella, raincoat, extra shoes in case it's rainy
  • flashlight
  • alarm clock
  • extension cord
  • earplugs
  • props, supplies for camp show
  • gently used clothes and accessories for goddess clothing exchange.
  • full length mirror (to use in your room and for goddess exchange)
  • books, CDs, and DVDs that you’re done with - to share with others in our book exchange
  • flip-flops for beach and/or shower
  • sun visor and/or hat
  • sunglasses
  • poems for the poet-tree
  • your sense of humor and a sense of wonder.
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