S.A.U.G Performances


Coffee House Salon - Monday Evening

A special time to enjoy performances by seasoned performers. If you want to be in this one, plan to have something prepared. Includes Market Day and group discussions about presented topics.


Café - Late afternoons

On at least two afternoons during the week, we feature a special intimate performance by 2 or more groups or individual performers. Each will do a short set in front of a smaller casual audience. Usually one of these cafes is acoustic inside the beautifully resonant St. John's Cathedral. 


Camp Show  – Thursday Night

This is a night of anything goes - full of love and laughter. This is a great place to share skits, music, poetry, humor, dance...everything's welcome and at any skill level. Many people wait to decide to do this once they are at camp.


Open Mike at the Café - Friday (happy hour 4-5:30 PM) 

Everyone is welcome to sign up, but preference will strongly be given to our day visitors and those who have not performed at other times during the week.


Strolling / Background artists

Act as an accompaniment to parts of our day. Sing, dance, teach/perform yoga, read a menu aloud, dust off that band instrument or drum, share your favorite poetry, do birdcalls; pretty much anything that you'd love doing. If you are interested just jump in and play...or if you want help, we may find other great ways to incorporate these moments throughout camp. (Note: you will probably be unamplified)


Block Party - Tuesday

For our block party we'll be going to a jazz concert featuring Cindy Bradley at the zoo 7-9pm. Special SAUG rate is $20 per person. 



Moth Story Slam - Wednesday evening

Prepare and share a 5 minute story based on a theme. Must be your own story to tell (it happened to you).

This year's MOTH theme is IMPROVISED: Have some experience with life throwing you curve balls? Prepare a five-minute story about something that you didn't plan, but don't borrow it, share your own experience.


Host - Moth or Coffee House or Camp Show or a Café

Channel your inner Host or Hostess with the mostest and introduce acts at any of our performances.  Either host wholeheartedly and earnestly, or delight us with bad jokes, singing and/or awful puns between acts. We love our hosts!