The Setting


You'll be going to Dekoven Center in Racine, WI with beautiful comfortable rooms, buildings that feel like you are transported to historic England, with parklike grounds.  It's located next to a park along Lake Michigan.  There's a gorgeous beach on Lake Michigan with some picturesque sand dunes (and even a few hammocks) about 3 miles away.  DeKoven's grounds are full of majestic trees and gardens in full bloom in Summer.  There is adjustable air conditioning available in most of their meeting, sleeping, and dining areas. 

At Dekoven we're able to have a more intimate camp experience where we have those serendipitous meetings that are classic 'Saug'.


Personal Comfort

Rooms: You'll find beautiful peaceful rooms, each similar, but unique, painted in relaxing pastel colors and labeled with inspiring attributes like 'enlightenment', 'love', 'patience' and 'creativity'. We stay in Taylor Hall, located in the back of the property next to a small woods and facing a parklike quad with mature trees and a labyrinth. 


One room will generally house 2 people, although singles are often available for an extra fee. Dekoven supplies all linens (including pillows, duvets, sheets, washcloths and towels) and the rooms feature (mostly) single beds.   Some rooms have space to push two single beds together to make a double-sized bed for couples (if you double up your bed, you'll need to bring your own larger top covers). Each room has unique comfortable furniture, high ceilings with ceiling fans and at least one window. Air conditioning is available in all rooms. There are bathrooms on each floor, some single baths, some shared. Most rooms are fully accessible with elevator access.


Common areas: Enjoy comfortable chairs and lots of corners and nooks to have an intimate conversation with a new or old friend. If you want to set up a yoga mat, a card game, an impromptu dance party, a sing-along, or take a rejuvenating nap, there's a space for that.  Be as active or as relaxed as you prefer.