Sturtevant Amtrak Station

Getting there - transit options to Racine, WI


Train Travel Information


HOW TO GET TO STURTEVANT: (which is adjacent to Racine, WI and close to Dekoven) by Amtrak  

Here are the primary Amtrak websites to look up schedules and stations near to your start point.

HIAWATHA is the train which runs between Milwaukee - Chicago, 7 times a day in each direction.

Station names and codes are:

Chicago, IL - Union Station (CHI)

Sturtevant, WI (SVT)

Milwaukee, WI - General Mitchell International Airport (MKA)

Milwaukee, WI - Intermodal Station (MKE)


MKE to SVT is 23 miles and scheduled for 29 minutes CHI to SVT is 63 miles and scheduled for 60 minutes GLN to SVT is 45 miles and scheduled for 38 minutes. GLN is closer to O’Hare Airport and about a 15 minutes taxi or Uber ride. This makes more sense than going all the way into Chicago Union Station (CHI). There is also a bus available (see below) from O'Hare to Sturtevant, WI. Dekoven is 7.5 miles from the Sturtevant Amtrak Station in Sturtevant.    SCHEDULE LINK: train times may change in the next several months so be sure to revisit it as camp approaches.,0.pdf


Service Coaches: unreserved.

Amtrak Quiet Car: Quiet Car available on all Hiawatha Service trains. Relax in a peaceful atmosphere free of cell phones, pagers, and noisy chatter by riding in a designated Quiet Car. They prohibit use of sound-emitting electronic devices and loud conversation.

Checked baggage is available at all Hiawatha stations. Each passenger can bring two carry-on bags. Passengers can check two free pieces of baggage if the origin and destination stations offer checked baggage service. For more information on baggage allowances, please view this page.

Wi-Fi is available on Hiawatha.

Security Amtrak and the Amtrak Police Department work hard to ensure the safety of customers in stations and onboard trains. You will not need to go through security screening before boarding. See more safety and security information.

OTHER TRAINS WHICH CONNECT TO HIAWATHA (you will need to transfer in Chicago onto Hiawatha):

Take the Lake Shore Limited if you’re on the Boston - Buffalo - Cleveland - Toledo - Chicago

Take the Cardinal / Hoosier State if you’re on the Cincinnati - Indianapolis - Chicago

Take the Empire Builder if you’re on the Chicago - Milwaukee - St. Paul/Minneapolis - Spokane - Portland/Seattle

Take the Illinois Service if you’re on the Chicago - Quincy/St. Louis/Carbondale

Take the Michigan Services if you’re on the Chicago - Grand Rapids/East Lansing - Port Huron/Detroit - Pontiac



Plane Travel Information

(and how to take a train if coming from O'Hare)

Flying into O'hare airport (airport code ORD) in Chicago, IL is a good option. It's usually where you can find the cheapest fares and the most options for arrival and departure times. 

Another good choice for those flying in is Milwaukee's Mitchell airport (airport code MKE), which is about 40 minutes from Dekoven. 

HOW TO GET FROM O’HARE AIRPORT to Chicago Union Station to get Amtrak All Amtrak trains serving Chicago depart from Union Station.

The best way to travel between the airport and Union Station is by the CTA rail. Trains are fast and run frequently, and the entire journey (including all waiting and walking) takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Beware that private shuttles run much less frequently than CTA trains do (about once an hour compared to every 10 minutes), and so on average you will not save much time by taking a shuttle despite paying at least 5 times as much as the train fare. Trains run at all times, and trains do not risk getting stuck in Chicago traffic. Unless you have a lot of heavy luggage, a train ride is a more sensible option in most cases. The two maps you will need for this journey are the CTA rail map and the Downtown Chicago map.



Bus Travel Information (including how to take the bus if coming from O'Hare or Mitchell airports)

NOTE: buses go to Sturtevant, just like the Amtrak trains. We can arrange to pick you up if needed from the bus station.

The buses that go to the Sturtevant area are Coach USA buses.  They go between Mitchell airport in Milwaukee and O'hare in Chicago, stopping in Sturtevant, WI. 

The bus to Racine costs $49 round trip from O'hare and $20 round trip to Milwaukee's Airport.  If you want to take a bus from another location, you'll have to find one that goes to one of these airports or that gets you to an Amtrak station.



Driving Information

Will you be driving?  Dekoven Center is in Racine, WI between Milwaukee and Chicago. It is right on Lake Michigan. The address is 600 21st St, Racine, WI 53403. Once you get to Dekoven you'll be looking for Taylor Hall to check in. Follow the signs (it's back by the woods, not up front by the lake).