Simply Amazing UU Gathering

A Summer Camp for Adults  ~  What is it like?


Can one week a year change your life??   S.A.U.G. is a week like no other.


  Create Remarkable Experiences

At camp we are able to leave behind the illusion that we are limited by time, resources or our inner critics.  Together we open a space where remarkable experiences happen.

  Foster Respect and Cooperation  

We are more than campers -- we are family.  We watch out for each other, care for each other, and go above and beyond for each other because we believe in each other.  We strive to act for the good of others and collaborate whenever challenges arise.

  Be Your Best Self 

 We believe everyone has more potential than they realize.  We value camp as a place where people can flourish, grow, and unlock their potential.  We commit to providing a safe environment in which people can take emotional and physical risks

In this accepting community, people are encouraged to take chances and make mistakes.  Given the freedom to be creative, we are able to approach situations and challenges with an open mind.

  Balanced Living  

Our week together allows a breathing space to gather oneself and regenerate. It’s a chance to attain / restore balance in the mental, physical, social and spiritual areas of our lives.


We seek to involve people with diverse perspectives, cultures and values.  We invite and welcome each unique individual.  Each of us contributes something meaningful in this world we co-create.


Laughter is the magical ability to see life at new angles.  We can embrace everything as it is.

We'll laugh, live and enjoy.